Monday, June 9, 2014

I Close My Eyes to See

I close my eyes
To see your face;
Open my hands
To feel your embrace.

Every dream is a
Every song’s another

Your eyes shine bright
Right through the wall
I’ve built of stone;
Your smile mends
This broken heart
you’ve made your home.

You see my flaws,
You know my fears;
Still, you hold me tight,
Wipe every tear.

When I see storms on the horizon
I close my eyes and I imagine;

You and I sailing away
To where there’s no
Glass between our souls,
Waltzing away our days
To a tune only we know.

You and I singing off-key
Across those seas,
Humming songs
Like bumble bees.

When I close my eyes
I know release,
I close my eyes
To know your peace,
And open my heart
To receive
Your love.