Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Beyond Blue Skies

And as I lay
Between these sheets
Where my past
And future meet
I pray the night
Might sing a song
To put to rest
The ho-hum drone
Of my sweet death

I won’t weep
I will not cry
There’ll be no sobs
There'll be no sighs
When I die
When I die
There’ll only be
Rejoicing up
Beyond blue skies

And as I lay
Beneath this Sun
Breathing the sea
Tasting the mud
My thoughts reclaim
Moments of love
In times long gone
With all the friends
Who have moved on

No, I won’t sleep
A single wink
Another night
Not this week
Until I know
My only task
Now lay complete
I won’t sleep
I won’t sleep

And as I stand
With empty hands
Before my King
And fellow Man
There is one thought
I must relay
Just one word
My soul must say:


Until the next
Moment we meet
Until our hearts
Again breathe beats
Goodbye, dear friend
Goodbye, my love
Thank you again

From up above.

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