Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Light Takes Time

Sometimes the wind sweeps
Through my skin, rekindling
Memories of back when

We used to talk
And laugh at smoke
Billowing through
Our hollow halls
As time danced on
Our faded floor
Hand-in-hand with
Everything we knew before

Sometimes the Sun
Bleaches the boards
That pave my porch
And it reminds me that
The light takes time
The light takes time
To fade the scars
Of weathered hearts

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Beyond Blue Skies

And as I lay
Between these sheets
Where my past
And future meet
I pray the night
Might sing a song
To put to rest
The ho-hum drone
Of my sweet death

I won’t weep
I will not cry
There’ll be no sobs
There'll be no sighs
When I die
When I die
There’ll only be
Rejoicing up
Beyond blue skies

And as I lay
Beneath this Sun
Breathing the sea
Tasting the mud
My thoughts reclaim
Moments of love
In times long gone
With all the friends
Who have moved on

No, I won’t sleep
A single wink
Another night
Not this week
Until I know
My only task
Now lay complete
I won’t sleep
I won’t sleep

And as I stand
With empty hands
Before my King
And fellow Man
There is one thought
I must relay
Just one word
My soul must say:


Until the next
Moment we meet
Until our hearts
Again breathe beats
Goodbye, dear friend
Goodbye, my love
Thank you again

From up above.