Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here is Hope for You

My dear, my dear, it is now so:
The liars you’ve loved
Have all since gone home.

They are not here to hold,
They have since left you cold;
You can call their name,
But they've all deemed you, “sold.”

Do not venture out into the night
Searching streets for the solace
You once found in their eyes.
You won’t find their warmth
In a stranger’s home
Between foreign sheets.

My dear, my dear, face life today:
Remember days when we would say,
“This winter will not hold us down,
This weather will not take us now.”

Remember infant dreams
And childish gleams
The next time you decide
To trust one who
May not be all that he seems.

My dear, my dear, you deserve so much more
Than dark lullabies and glistening lies.
Your story may not have reached its end,
But you, my dear, shall find love again.

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