Friday, March 16, 2012

Your Father's Crown

The king in splendor,
In glory rules.
In perfect form,
His love renews.

You are the jewel
Upon the maker’s crown.
Your body, your being,
You are the gem Nature renowns.

His heart’s song is the rhythm
To which we step.
Beneath his gaze we walk,
We know not fear, we do not fret.

The king, the ruler,
Our hope, our consolation,
Feeds the hunger of our souls
With fruit of reconciliation.

You are the jewel upon your Father’s crown.
Perfect in your creation,
Worth the very life he gave,
It was for you he laid it down.

You are the jewel, the gem
Beheld upon your savior’s crown.
It is in his mercy, in his love,
Your worth is found.

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