Friday, March 2, 2012

The Price of Normalcy

They thought my thoughts were tame,
Thought my mind was right.
What they did not know was that I was insane,
That my ship left in the night.

The sails gleamed beneath a bright new Moon,
And took in the doldrum breath.
The dusk took with it the light of day,
The dawn welcomed my death.

In my white coat I sailed away
And never turned my eye.
To them, a vegetable am I,
To I, I am alive.

They can put me in a canister and lock it up tight,
They can place me in a box and seal it with a kiss.
The thoughts I have and the mind I keep,
My insanity is my source of bliss.

If normalcy is born of fear,
And the price of acceptance is my imagination,
I choose to die in debt to their standards,
A victim of their cerebral assassination.

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