Monday, March 12, 2012

Marching With Broken Bones

Taken by the hand,
Led into the trees,
The demons in my forest
Did what they pleased.

I crept out of the forest on all fours,
Past the burning bushes that stood watch at its doors.
I made it to the meadow,
My tender face embraced the Sun;
I felt the hand of the Father
Who had been searching for his son.

I’ve been to the forest.
I won’t go back.
I’ve seen the abyss and its monsters,
All shrouded in black.

There is no sleep for those
Who fight through their nights;
There is little rest for the children
With no shepherd, no protector.
However, together,
As wounded warriors we march,
We climb our hills of defeat
Carrying our scars.

Through enemy territory
We watch the skies with hope
Of the promise of tomorrow;
The solace of another day
With our backs to our sorrow.

Defeating our demons is not about running away,
It’s about finding the strength inside to stay.

Some people in this world wake their eyes every day
To a spoonful of adversity mixed with a pint of pain.

Tell the battered wife
There is a road
That leads to freedom.

Tell the boy at school
That the bullies
Won’t always beat him.

Some people in this world
Wake up every morning
To the deafening silence of strife,
To a subtle self-mourning.

Tell the broken girl
That not all men
Were made to use her.

Tell the drinking man
That he is more
Than just a user.

Most people in this world
Have a hist’ry of hurt
And a story of regret;
Grant them the chance they need to forget.

It is by the tender bones I bear
That I give my life for those
Who have seen the forest,
Have felt the trees;
Who long to soar,
Those who yearn for release.

Arise in strength from the pit of your weakness;
Persevere with heart toward the field where your peace is.

Together we march,
No longer beneath a cloud of pain;
Together we find peace
Dancing in the healing rain.

Despite broken bones and tainted souls,
We know the scent of victory;
We march with adversity beneath our soles.

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