Monday, March 26, 2012

Marching with Broken Bones Video

This is the video from my performance of
"Marching with Broken Bones"
at "Poetry for Personal Power" in Maryville, MO.
The theme of the event was "overcoming adversity."

This poem is for all the victims and survivors of abuse of any kind.
Know you're not alone...know it's not your fault...know that there is hope!

Here is the text of the poem in the video:

“Marching With Broken Bones”
by Adam Gonzales 

Taken by the hand, 
Led into the trees, 
The demons in the forest 
Did what they pleased. 

Days and nights, ten years of fright 
Feeling the paralyzing warmth of another. 
I set my sights on the glow of the moon, 
Set my course for the stars in the Milky Way. 
I knew I’d be home soon, if only I could stand, 
But Reality told me I’d have to crawl the entire way. 

I crept out of the forest on all fours, 
Past the burning bushes that stood watch at its doors. 
I made it to the meadow, my tender face swallowed up the Sun, 
In it I felt the hand of the Father who had searched ten years for his son. 

I’ve been to the forest; I won’t go back. 
I’ve seen the abyss and its monsters, all shrouded in black. 

There is no sleep for those who fight through their nights. 
There is little rest for the children with no shepherd, no protector. 
However, together, as wounded warriors we march, 
We climb our hills of defeat carrying our scars. 
Through enemy territory we watch the skies with hope of the promise of tomorrow, 
The solace of another day, with our backs to our sorrow. 

Conquering our demons is less about running, 
And more about finding the strength to stay. 

Through a solemn offering, through meditation on my longing, 
I have found the path that leads to renewing 
The broken bones I bear within. 

It is by the tender bones I bear 
That I give my life for those 
Who have seen the forest, 
Have felt the trees; 
Who long to soar, 
Those who yearn for release. 

Together we march, 
No longer beneath a cloud of pain; 
Together we find peace 
Dancing in the healing rain. 

Despite broken bones and tainted souls, 
We know the scent of victory; 
We march with adversity beneath our soles.

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