Monday, March 5, 2012

Let Your Void Become Your Path

When you feel you’ve lost all feeling
And you’re feeling like you’re lost,
Reach into the fire burning
In the bed of your desires.

What you once thought had gone numb
Has only cooled with Winter’s breath;
Resurrect the warmth within the cavern
Of compassion in your chest.

There’s a flame within us all
To thaw the bitterness we bear;
There’s a torrent of redemption
Ready to rinse us of despair.

Kindle the embers of the sentiments
You thought had grown defunct;
Enliven ashes from the pit
Into which your hopes have sunk.

When you find a void within
Where once your spirit knew not need,
Let it be a path for the grace
Upon which your tender heart must feed.

There's a fire in your being
Ready to warm your frosted soul;
Surrender to the blaze
And revel in its healing glow.

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