Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Thought I Saw Freedom

I thought I saw Freedom’s face,
But I was caught up in desperation;
What I saw was the façade of a withering, fallen nation.

Rain-drenched trenches marked the borders;
Bloodstained stones lined the roads;
Dreams of hope painted the fields where
Lion hearts had made their homes.

Young and old now lie together in
A sea of what could have been;
Yesterday was soaked in sorrow so
Today’s Tomorrow could be freed.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Marching with Broken Bones Video

This is the video from my performance of
"Marching with Broken Bones"
at "Poetry for Personal Power" in Maryville, MO.
The theme of the event was "overcoming adversity."

This poem is for all the victims and survivors of abuse of any kind.
Know you're not alone...know it's not your fault...know that there is hope!

Here is the text of the poem in the video:

“Marching With Broken Bones”
by Adam Gonzales 

Taken by the hand, 
Led into the trees, 
The demons in the forest 
Did what they pleased. 

Days and nights, ten years of fright 
Feeling the paralyzing warmth of another. 
I set my sights on the glow of the moon, 
Set my course for the stars in the Milky Way. 
I knew I’d be home soon, if only I could stand, 
But Reality told me I’d have to crawl the entire way. 

I crept out of the forest on all fours, 
Past the burning bushes that stood watch at its doors. 
I made it to the meadow, my tender face swallowed up the Sun, 
In it I felt the hand of the Father who had searched ten years for his son. 

I’ve been to the forest; I won’t go back. 
I’ve seen the abyss and its monsters, all shrouded in black. 

There is no sleep for those who fight through their nights. 
There is little rest for the children with no shepherd, no protector. 
However, together, as wounded warriors we march, 
We climb our hills of defeat carrying our scars. 
Through enemy territory we watch the skies with hope of the promise of tomorrow, 
The solace of another day, with our backs to our sorrow. 

Conquering our demons is less about running, 
And more about finding the strength to stay. 

Through a solemn offering, through meditation on my longing, 
I have found the path that leads to renewing 
The broken bones I bear within. 

It is by the tender bones I bear 
That I give my life for those 
Who have seen the forest, 
Have felt the trees; 
Who long to soar, 
Those who yearn for release. 

Together we march, 
No longer beneath a cloud of pain; 
Together we find peace 
Dancing in the healing rain. 

Despite broken bones and tainted souls, 
We know the scent of victory; 
We march with adversity beneath our soles.

The Weight of the Crown

Rest for a while,
Rest for the night;
Rest your lonesome head, my boy,
Rest the remnants of your fright.

Seek out a peace,
Seek out a center;
Seek refuge for your wounded heart,
Seek out shelter for this winter.

The storm above,
The storm within;
The storm beneath your wings;
The storm will pass and return again.

Make ready for the unknown,
Make ready to battle;
Make ready lone ranger,
Make ready your saddle.

For now you can sleep,
For now you can lie down;
For now you can release the doubt
That is born from your gold crown.

Friday, March 23, 2012

To An Old Friend

I woke up today wishing it were all a dream:
My unanswered prayers and these quiet halls,
Your silent words and this emptied heart.
Where is your hope, did they take your smile?
I close my eyes to see your radiant face,
The one no one has seen in a while.

Come back to us, come back, my friend,
Where did you go? Why did it end?
The laughter of your tender soul,
The loving warmth of your embrace;
Come back to us, come back and stay.

I remember days when the best I had
Was the chance to hear your memories;
I remember nights when I kept hope because I knew
That you were praying for me too.
I remember that the path out of my broken past
Led me straight to you.

Come back to us, come back, dear friend,
Where are you now? Why won’t this end?
We miss the laughter of your soul,
We miss your warm embrace;
Come back to us, come back dear friend,
Come be with us to stay.

Sometimes when darkness claims my guiding light,
And life’s valleys seem too deep,
I’m reminded of what you once said:
That the father’s love for his son
Is one that he will keep.

Come back to us, come back, old friend,
We wait here for you, let’s begin again.
We miss your laughter and your joy,
We miss your loving, fatherly embrace;
Come back to us, come back, old friend,
Return to us to stay.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Take Me

Take my hand into yours
Take with it the scars of yore
Hold me up before the light
Bring me forth from the numb of night

Take my soul into your care
Take the burdens buried there
Delve into my infant depths
Rescue me from those regrets

Take and hold this heart of mine
Take and make my beauty shine
Take and bear the cross I’ve seen
Take and wash my memory clean
Lord, wash me clean

Take my hand to hold my heart
Capture my heart to heal my soul
Rescue my soul to make me whole
Make me whole with mercy’s might
Wash me in redemption’s light

Friday, March 16, 2012

Your Father's Crown

The king in splendor,
In glory rules.
In perfect form,
His love renews.

You are the jewel
Upon the maker’s crown.
Your body, your being,
You are the gem Nature renowns.

His heart’s song is the rhythm
To which we step.
Beneath his gaze we walk,
We know not fear, we do not fret.

The king, the ruler,
Our hope, our consolation,
Feeds the hunger of our souls
With fruit of reconciliation.

You are the jewel upon your Father’s crown.
Perfect in your creation,
Worth the very life he gave,
It was for you he laid it down.

You are the jewel, the gem
Beheld upon your savior’s crown.
It is in his mercy, in his love,
Your worth is found.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Marching With Broken Bones

Taken by the hand,
Led into the trees,
The demons in my forest
Did what they pleased.

I crept out of the forest on all fours,
Past the burning bushes that stood watch at its doors.
I made it to the meadow,
My tender face embraced the Sun;
I felt the hand of the Father
Who had been searching for his son.

I’ve been to the forest.
I won’t go back.
I’ve seen the abyss and its monsters,
All shrouded in black.

There is no sleep for those
Who fight through their nights;
There is little rest for the children
With no shepherd, no protector.
However, together,
As wounded warriors we march,
We climb our hills of defeat
Carrying our scars.

Through enemy territory
We watch the skies with hope
Of the promise of tomorrow;
The solace of another day
With our backs to our sorrow.

Defeating our demons is not about running away,
It’s about finding the strength inside to stay.

Some people in this world wake their eyes every day
To a spoonful of adversity mixed with a pint of pain.

Tell the battered wife
There is a road
That leads to freedom.

Tell the boy at school
That the bullies
Won’t always beat him.

Some people in this world
Wake up every morning
To the deafening silence of strife,
To a subtle self-mourning.

Tell the broken girl
That not all men
Were made to use her.

Tell the drinking man
That he is more
Than just a user.

Most people in this world
Have a hist’ry of hurt
And a story of regret;
Grant them the chance they need to forget.

It is by the tender bones I bear
That I give my life for those
Who have seen the forest,
Have felt the trees;
Who long to soar,
Those who yearn for release.

Arise in strength from the pit of your weakness;
Persevere with heart toward the field where your peace is.

Together we march,
No longer beneath a cloud of pain;
Together we find peace
Dancing in the healing rain.

Despite broken bones and tainted souls,
We know the scent of victory;
We march with adversity beneath our soles.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rhythm of the Void

I see a rocking rhythm to
the noise in the void
between where you once
stood and where you
now choose to stay.

The waves of passivity pass
Softly through this empty space
Like ripples echoing through the
Air like siren songs—calling me
To forget you.

And I smell a sweet freedom
I never knew before.
There’s whimsy in my step and
A shimmer to my grin.
The silence sings a simple song—
One I boogie to with zest.

What We Thought We Thought We Knew

Remember that moment when we knew
We knew not what we swore we knew?

It was far beyond our grasp,
Trivial discrepancies,
Sentiments that would not last;
Things we thought we ought to know
Were frozen in our past.

In that moment we came to know
That what we knew was never known,
And what we never knew
We could never come to know.

Far beyond our reach,
A Formal knowledge never known;
Up above our heads,
There lay a light that’s never shone.

Remember that time we timed our thoughts
And found our thoughts were off?
What about that time we thought
Our time was just a thought
And our time really mattered not?

We just thought we knew the thoughts we had;
We truly thought we knew our minds.
What we surely knew was that our thoughts
Were something we would never find
Without knowing that we knew
What we thought there was to know
But really, did we even know what we thought we knew?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Let Your Void Become Your Path

When you feel you’ve lost all feeling
And you’re feeling like you’re lost,
Reach into the fire burning
In the bed of your desires.

What you once thought had gone numb
Has only cooled with Winter’s breath;
Resurrect the warmth within the cavern
Of compassion in your chest.

There’s a flame within us all
To thaw the bitterness we bear;
There’s a torrent of redemption
Ready to rinse us of despair.

Kindle the embers of the sentiments
You thought had grown defunct;
Enliven ashes from the pit
Into which your hopes have sunk.

When you find a void within
Where once your spirit knew not need,
Let it be a path for the grace
Upon which your tender heart must feed.

There's a fire in your being
Ready to warm your frosted soul;
Surrender to the blaze
And revel in its healing glow.

Far Beyond Reflections

You look into the glass
All you see is skin
They look into your eyes
All they see is sin

Rise above your doubt
Fly higher than their words
The skies of forgiveness
Are where your heart is heard

The past they can’t imagine
The moments they don’t see
Are tucked away behind
The broken life they see

Fly away, angel
Don’t let them hold you down
Your wings were made for soaring
Not for lying on the ground

You didn’t choose this life
You didn’t choose this pain
Trust and hope, sweet angel
You will know love again

Look into the glass
And see your beauty therein
Let their eyes pass judgment
From the hurt they hold within

You will rise above them
You will soar again
You will soon be taken
To the place where life begins

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let Your Heart Fly Where It Will

If we could soar away tomorrow
Would you fly away with me?
Would you follow where the wind led?
Would you fall into the sea?

Why waste energy on folly and regret on cheap despair
When youth and vigor were created for sailing off into the air?

Leave your eyes open for a moment,
Close your grasp and raise your hands.
Ponder wonders you neglected
As we trail across the lands.

Our direction is tomorrow,
But for now, our home’s today.

Rest your worries and your words,
They’re only baggage at the gate.
Forget your fears and quell your mind,
Let you heart speak what it must say.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Price of Normalcy

They thought my thoughts were tame,
Thought my mind was right.
What they did not know was that I was insane,
That my ship left in the night.

The sails gleamed beneath a bright new Moon,
And took in the doldrum breath.
The dusk took with it the light of day,
The dawn welcomed my death.

In my white coat I sailed away
And never turned my eye.
To them, a vegetable am I,
To I, I am alive.

They can put me in a canister and lock it up tight,
They can place me in a box and seal it with a kiss.
The thoughts I have and the mind I keep,
My insanity is my source of bliss.

If normalcy is born of fear,
And the price of acceptance is my imagination,
I choose to die in debt to their standards,
A victim of their cerebral assassination.