Monday, February 27, 2012

Your King Awaits

Broach the eyes beneath your fright;
Forget the force of your frustration.
Put to flight your fallen hope;
See the light of your salvation.

Days have passed like sleepless nights;
Nights have burned with strife.
Exhale the smoke stifling your pining soul;
Drink in the wine of your new fire!

Bid farewell to circles;
Your path is laid straight.
A king awaits your return;
He yearns outside your gate.

With arms like a bay ready to receive;
He longs to welcome your soul.
Run to him, leave behind your anchor;
Run until you feel the warmth you long to know.

It is your king who awaits;
Your father who loves.
Join your king in his splendor;
He brings grace from above.

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