Monday, February 27, 2012

Turn Around

You thought paradise was too far off,
Thought the road was way too long.
Ran until your heart gave out,
Until your eyes fell  shut.

The love you've always  needed,
The truth you've always sought,
It’s not there in that bottle,
It’s not under that rock;
You can run until the Sun goes down,
But you’ll never catch the light.

If the pain won’t go away,
If you’ve reached the end of your rope
Take a glance behind,
Turn your eyes to the East,
Let the dawn renew your hope.

You thought healing was evasive,
Thought your past would always last,
You’ve been taking it all wrong,
Been on the hard road for too long.

The mercy your spirit needs,
The redemption it seeks,
You can’t buy it with that paper,
Can’t take it with that gun;
You can bet your bottom dollar,
But your winnings won’t be found.

When the waters take your breath,
And you need some room to breathe,
Take a look around,
There’s nothing holding you
From turning back.

The way back home is shorter
Than your never-ending run.
You’ll never find what you’re seeking,
Never see what you want,
Until you turn your compass
Back to where your soul belongs.

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