Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome Home

Put your fears away boy
Rest your mind a while son
The vacancy you see around
Is aftermath of battles won

You fought with a mighty heart
One stronger than theirs
What you thought was lost
Will be passed on to your heirs

Loss has no say in your journey boy
Defeat knows not your touch
You have conquered your demise
Whilst keeping close to your soul
The ardor of your love

You saw Death at it’s best
And felt its bitter tongue
But Life had you embraced
In healing arms my son

Seal away your scars
Put away our pain
The darkness you have seen
Is one you shall never see again

The battles you have faced
The quarrels you have won
Oh, rest your sword
Relax your arms
Welcome home my only son
Welcome home my little one

You Don't Have to be Alone

The tide is rolling back now,
Retreating back into the blue.
All that remain are remnants
Of the only storm you ever knew.

You grew up on the island,
It's the only land you know.
The ocean is your best friend,
On the shore the Sun watched you grow.

Come back, little sailor,
Chart yourself a course back home.
Come back, lonely hermit,
Don't spend your whole life alone.

You don't have to be alone.

You've weathered countless hurricanes,
Studied all the stars.
How is it you stay sane
In a world away so far?

We sent a message in a bottle,
Hoping it would find you,
Were our wishes all in vain?
If you return will you be the same?

Come back, little sailor,
Chart yourself a course back home.
Come back, lonely hermit,
Don't spend your whole life alone.

You should never have to live alone.
You don't deserve to feel alone.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life in the Deep

Love has you in her arms
She has you wrapped in warmth
Under Summer skies and radiant shades of blue
She has brought you to a place of
Hope renewed

Tenacity held your hand along the sands
You followed where he led
He brought you to the waters
Where the walls you built crumble
Beneath satisfying falls

Joy lays steps for you to fill
As you trod along your way
She takes you to the lands of Peace
Where your heart will stay

Let yourself feast on the fruits
You find at your feet
They are yours to keep

Close your eyes and know your place
Among the children
Buried in blessings deep

Their Love is Alive

Their bodies are not with us
They cannot speak in words
Their love lives within us
It is in our hearts
Their whispers are heard

The souls we once touched
The voices we knew
Those who earned our trust
Those we embraced
Those with whom we grew

They are with us still today
They watch us close tonight
Their memory does not fade
Their love is alive

Monday, February 27, 2012

Your King Awaits

Broach the eyes beneath your fright;
Forget the force of your frustration.
Put to flight your fallen hope;
See the light of your salvation.

Days have passed like sleepless nights;
Nights have burned with strife.
Exhale the smoke stifling your pining soul;
Drink in the wine of your new fire!

Bid farewell to circles;
Your path is laid straight.
A king awaits your return;
He yearns outside your gate.

With arms like a bay ready to receive;
He longs to welcome your soul.
Run to him, leave behind your anchor;
Run until you feel the warmth you long to know.

It is your king who awaits;
Your father who loves.
Join your king in his splendor;
He brings grace from above.

Turn Around

You thought paradise was too far off,
Thought the road was way too long.
Ran until your heart gave out,
Until your eyes fell  shut.

The love you've always  needed,
The truth you've always sought,
It’s not there in that bottle,
It’s not under that rock;
You can run until the Sun goes down,
But you’ll never catch the light.

If the pain won’t go away,
If you’ve reached the end of your rope
Take a glance behind,
Turn your eyes to the East,
Let the dawn renew your hope.

You thought healing was evasive,
Thought your past would always last,
You’ve been taking it all wrong,
Been on the hard road for too long.

The mercy your spirit needs,
The redemption it seeks,
You can’t buy it with that paper,
Can’t take it with that gun;
You can bet your bottom dollar,
But your winnings won’t be found.

When the waters take your breath,
And you need some room to breathe,
Take a look around,
There’s nothing holding you
From turning back.

The way back home is shorter
Than your never-ending run.
You’ll never find what you’re seeking,
Never see what you want,
Until you turn your compass
Back to where your soul belongs.

Empty Glass House

I knew a man who ran and
Hid from the
beasts beneath his bed. They
called to him
night after night, from
deep within his wounds.
They played the jukebox
in his mind, sent old
hymns like echoes
through his soul.
There was no fighting
to be had, no way
to calm those raging fiends.
It seemed the man was
trapped in a nightmare,
something more than
just a dream.
He prayed,
“Now I lay me down
to sleep, I pray my demons
remain buried deep. For if
they should surface
in the night, I shall awake with
but one thing on my mind: to
drown my fright in a glass
house they will never find.” This
was his petition, his only plea, though
every dawn the man arose
from the bottom of an
empty glass